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⚠ Recently, it has come to our attention that some unscrupulous individuals have been impersonating our Finetic Facebook fan page. We strongly condemn this behavior and urge you to be vigilant to avoid being deceived. Please note our official contact channels below.

About us

Finetic consists of three important elements: first, "Fintech", which represents our application of the most advanced technology in the field of stock investment; second, Kinetic's motivation to keep moving forward", which symbolizes our persistence in innovation and excellence; and finally, "Fanatic" , stemming from our founder Percival’s passion and focus on stock investment.

As an artificial intelligence expert, Percival combined more than ten years of experience in investment and applied artificial intelligence technology to create Finetic's artificial intelligence stock selection system.


We aim to make it easier for everyone to understand the stock market and achieve their investment goals!

Founder's message

Lack of investment knowledge and common misconceptions are important factors in the poor investment returns. We advocate learning about stock investing aided by AI stock investment tools to improve stock investment returns.

About our Founder, Percival Ho

HKU: Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

CUHK: Master's Degree in Information Engineering (Dean's List)

Birmingham University: MSc, Computer Science, First Class Honours

Stanford University, USA (Reinforcement Learning)

Stanford University (NLP with Deep Learning)

In addition to being an expert in AI technology, Percival has been honing the art of stock investing for many years, and has been constantly on the hunt for potentially lucrative stocks. There are many companies in the world that have AI technology, but to be able to apply deep investment experience to AI models for sustainable profit is our greatest achievement.


An early fintech pioneer

Percival was originally a computer programmer at a major global bank when he became interested in stock investing. He started to use programs to help pick stocks since 2005. Like many first-time investors, Percival initially attended a number of classes from various providers where he was taught a variety of technical analysis theories. The classes included a lot of technical analysis "rules", which made it feel easy to make money trading stocks, and Percival, as a computer programmer, felt that if he could use his program to identify stocks with uptrend signals, he would be able to predict when stocks were going to go up and make money.

The more you try technical analysis, the more you go wrong

Even as his program accurately picked stocks based on technical indicators, the stock price performance was mixed. Disappointingly, one day the program tried to pick five stocks and all five made a loss. This alerted Percival to the fact that there could be more to the stock market than just analyzing technical indicators, and Percival realized that there were deeper and broader reasons for uptrends in stock values. Percival began to look for higher level techniques to make money from stock trading.

Creating the Percival Core stock selection system

Percival went back to the books for answers. Inspired by the writings of the late William O'Neil, a renowned US growth stock investor, Percival began to study the methodology of growth stock investing and flew to the United States to attend William O'Neil's training sessions in person. He also traveled to the United States and the United Kingdom frequently to participate in investment seminars to share and exchange ideas with world-class investment experts, and continued to hone his investment techniques. Percival eventually created a brand new stock analysis computer program system in 2005 with the goal of investing in growth stocks – the first generation of Percival Core.

The latest and most complete data in Hong Kong

Since the development of the system in 2005, Percival has insisted on using the latest data for analysis. We use over 100 types of listed companies' data, including both fundamental factors and technical indicators. Percival believes that we can only find potential stocks with the latest data. For example, we immediately update our system's database within 24 hours of publication by HK listed companies so that our system is always up-to-date.

Introduction of AI technology

The emergence of AlphaGo aroused Percival's interest, and he began to study for a Master's Degree in Computer Science, graduating with first class honors. He added cutting-edge AI technology into his already mature stock picking system, which became a core element of Percival Core.

Reinforcement learning through AI enables the stock picking system to continuously improve its chances of winning through learning. At the same time, we use graphical recognition technology to help find technical patterns with explosive potential.

The importance of investment education

After studying various investment techniques in the stock market, Percival finally chose growth stocks as his investment target, and then went to the United States to study with the late William O'Neil, a master of growth stocks, to improve his investment skills. In order to make a profit in the stock market, one needs to combine trading actions with practical and effective investment knowledge. Stock selection is only the first step; how to grasp the market opportunity, set up an investment plan, and risk management after purchase are key investment skills to be mastered. However, with the plethora of information available today, it is difficult for the public to differentiate between scams and information that is actually helpful for investing. We provide both beginner and advanced videos, which are the most useful information for those who want to learn about stock investing, based on Percival's nearly two decades of practical investment experience. We have also designed the FinTrainer trading simulation game, through which users can practise the investment skills they have learned, and members can even ask Percival questions about investment skills online. We hope that through our series of teaching resources and learning groups, users can learn real practical investment knowledge and correct the situation losing in the stock market for a long time due to lack of investment knowledge and wrong investment concepts.

Finetic provides a full range of support for investors, from AI stock picking tools and market indicators to educational videos and live groups for members. Our services are in line with Finetic's mission: AI stock picking combined with investment intelligence to help investors invest easier!