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Our Story

There are many companies across the world armed with powerful A.I. technology, but few can directly apply A.I. to invest profitably. Our system is one of the few that has been applying A.I. technology to stock investments with consistently high win rates.

Finetic's stock picking technology uses the latest data available for Hong Kong stocks. Our system runs daily, analyzing about 2,500 listed companies in Hong Kong, combining technical and fundamental analysis to select the Hong Kong stocks every week that best fit the growth investor’s strategy.

We hope that, armed with the investment education that we provide, you will be able to make full use of our technological system to a more enjoyable, profitable investment experience.

Percival - Finetic - AI選股系統結合投資智慧
Percival Ho Chief Investment and A.I. Officer

An early fintech pioneer

Since 2005, Percival has been using programs to assist in stock selection. Percival, originally worked as a computer programmer for a major bank and became interested in investing in stocks. Like many first-time investors, Percival initially attended a number of courses to learn about various technical analysis theories.

As a computer programmer, Percival felt that he could use programs to identify stocks with upside signals to predict good buys and make money easily.

The more he used technical analysis, the worse the results became

Even if his program accurately picked stocks based on technical indicators, the stock price performance was mixed.

Worse yet, the program tried to pick five stocks in one day and lost all five. Percival realized that there was more to the stock market than just “technical indicators” and realized that there was a deeper and broader reason for price growth. So Percival started looking into higher-level techniques to make money in stocks.

a system that has stood through the test of time, market pressures and the experience of making real-world trades

The Percival Core system was created to discover a way to find stocks that would grow exponentially

In those days, Internet access was slow and Youtube was not popular, so Percival went back to the books to find answers. Percival studied many investment books by prominent Wall Street investors, and the investment philosophy advocated in the books made him rethink the fundamental principles of investing in stocks:

“A company has to be profitable in order for the stock to grow.”

Percival learnt that many of the stocks held by historical stock market gurus rose significantly for this reason. This led Percival to develop a new way of thinking about investing, which he applied to his computer program.

In 2005, Percival created a new stock analysis computer program to test the authenticity of the investment philosophy taught to investors. This was the birth of Percival Core. Through the test of time, market pressures and the experience of making real-world trades, Percival Core today has a proven track record.

Outstanding performance and track record of stock selection system

Anyone can call themselves a stock guru in a bull market, but what about a bear market? For over ten years, Percival has been trading stocks proposed by Percival Core that have grown significantly or exponentially, with excellent investment returns. Here are some of Percival's trades based on the system:

Stock Code Buy / Sell Date Buy / Sell Price Profit %


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In general, it is difficult to use technical analysis to find stocks with potentially exponential growth. Most people would be stoked to see a 10% increase based on generally known technical analysis, and even more excited to see an increase of more than 15%.

Percival's latest investment strategy and analysis can provide exponential growth within a few months, with returns completely superior to the usual technical analysis. The technology behind Percival Core was overhauled following the fame of AlphaGo A.I., which piqued Percival's interest and he began studying for a Master's degree in artificial intelligence, graduating with first class honors. He added cutting-edge A.I. technology to an already mature system Through machine learning, the system continues to improve its win rates.

Stock market signals help to consistently avoid stock market crashes

Percival Core not only captures stocks increasing in value, the system also analyzes stock market trading data to determine the short-term direction of the general market.

Consequently, Percival exited the market right before the August 2007 market crash. Eight years later, Percival successfully avoided the June 2015 market crash, allowing him to maintain his capital strength to buy the dip once the system confirmed that the market returned to growth.

Percival Core safe and sound investment decisions to be made.

The birth of Finetic

In 2018, Percival provided the system's stock selection results known as




to a company that Percival eventually withdrew from completely in 2021. After much consideration, Percival decided to re-launch the system to provide the public with an even better stock picking system and investment tools. Finetic™ is a new brand that combines ‘Fintech’ (financial technology) with ‘kinetic’ and ‘fanatic’ (Percival's energy and passion for stocks). Finetic's stock lists and tools are designed to help investors save time, simplify the investment process, easily obtain quality stock picks, and increase win rates, in the hope that investors, whether they are new to investing or seasoned experts, will be able to profit in the unpredictable stock market.