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⚠ Recently, it has come to our attention that some unscrupulous individuals have been impersonating our Finetic Facebook fan page. We strongly condemn this behavior and urge you to be vigilant to avoid being deceived. Please note our official contact channels below.

How to use our services

Four steps to success


Grab your quality stocks list

Get the list from the app, which is published every Sunday. The higher the Percival Score, the more valuable it is as a reference. The system also analyzes a large amount of information on company fundamentals and technical analysis.

Here is an example of how we used the system to find Geely Automobile (175) on 3 Jul 2016.

In the stock list published on 3 Jul 2016, Stock code 175.HK had a high Percival Score.


Confirm the pattern

Although the stocks in the stock pick list will be of high quality, you still need to time your purchase. Therefore, the second step requires a good technical analysis. To confirm the stock conforms to a pattern. Check out our patterns guide here).


Put it on your watchlist and wait for a breakout

After confirming a pattern in Step 2, place it on your watchlist and watch closely for a breakout.

Continuing with the example of 175, its stock price broke through the buy point in the 4 Jul 2016 trading session.

Once a breakout happens, go to Step 4 for final verification and execution.



When there is a breakout in the stock, you need to open your strategy checklist and do a final check.

For example, in the "Basic Strategy" below, we should not buy simply because 175 has broken through the buy point; we should follow the "Basic Strategy" to make a decision.

  1. Does our system show "market uptrend" on that day?
  2. Can you identify which pattern it belongs to?
  3. Is the stock price above the 50-day average?
  4. Is the volume on the breakout day greater than 50% of the "average volume"?
  5. The price should be within 5% of the breakout price, otherwise the risk is high.

After checking, I found that all the conditions of 175 were satisfied, so I decided to buy.

Once holding 175, I followed this “Basic Strategy” to Stop Loss or Stop Gain:

  • 7%-8% stop loss
  • 20%-25% stop gain
  • Sell if it trades below 50 MA
  • Percival Basic Strategy - more in Sunday Club!

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